Top 2 Ways To Clean The Grout In Your Bathroom?

Are you searching for an effective way to clean the grout in your bathroom? Well, if you don’t want to waste too much time, scrub for hours, or spend a lot of money on a cleaner then this is just the article for you because I will show you not only one but two effective cleaning methods that you can easily follow!

Top 2 Ways To Clean The Grout In Your Bathroom!

– The First Method You Can Use

For the first method, the only things you will need are baking soda and vinegar. Yes, you don’t need fancy cleaners – just these two amazing ingredients that you already have at home.

You probably know that these two ingredients are incredible for cleaning – especially when you combine them together. They are effective, powerful, and can leave any surface spotless which is why I love using them!

Start off with spraying the grout with vinegar. I like to pour it in a spray bottle because then it’s easier to apply directly on the grout – and I am all about working smarter rather than harder when it comes to cleaning! I let it sit for 5 minutes while I mix baking soda and a bit of water in a bowl.

The paste that I make – I dip a brush in it and start scrubbing the grout.

Both ingredients will start to react creating a fizzing – which is the thing that will loosen up all of the dirt and impurities without you having to scrub for hours. This is why I love using baking soda and vinegar together when cleaning!

Scrub for a few minutes then rinse with warm water. If you need to – repeat these steps a few times until you are happy with the result and the grout is spotless!

– The Second Method You Can Use

Now this second method is a bit different because it requires you to have a steam cleaner. If you don’t have one just stick to following the first method – don’t go out buying a steam cleaner just for cleaning the grout in your bathroom.

But if you do have a steam cleaner then put it to use! Fill it with water then turn it on. Attach a nylon brush to the end of the handle and start cleaning the grout.

Once everything is clean, wipe with a cloth!