5 Effective Cleaning Methods You Can Use To Remove Crayon from Walls

If you accidentally got crayon marks on your walls for some reason – or your kid loves to draw on everything… from the floors to the walls, and does not like using paper then this is just the article for you because I will show you a few different effective methods for removing crayon from walls.

All of these methods are super easy to do and you only need a few natural ingredients or household items you already have at home!

5 Effective Cleaning Methods You Can Use To Remove Crayon from Walls

– Use a dryer sheet

Did you know that you can rub a dryer sheet and remove crayons from walls? Yes, it’s that easy! You can use both dry and wet dryer sheets – it really doesn’t matter!

– Use your blow dryer

Yes, you can use your blow dryer when dealing with crayon marks on your walls. Just turn the blow dryer on and heat up the affected area. Then grab a washcloth and wipe the marks while they are still hot.

– Use a liquid dish soap

You are most likely surprised to see that using something as simple as liquid dish soap can indeed remove crayon marks off walls. Mix soap with water in a bowl, dip a cloth in there and start scrubbing – however, keep in mind that you do have to apply a bit of pressure and you will most likely scrub for a while – but it does work!

– Use ammonia

This is probably my favourite method on this list because it’s easy to do. Dip a cloth in ammonia and start scrubbing the affected area – the crayon marks will come right off!

– Use baking soda

And last on my list is using baking soda. It’s another favourite method of mine – not only is it cheap and effective but it’s easy to do.

Mix equal amount of baking soda and water in a bowl so you create a paste. Scoop it with a sponge and start scrubbing the crayon marks.

Once you are happy with the result, remove the baking soda paste and the area dry!