How To Clean Your Iron With Salt?

When was the last time you cleaned your iron? Did you know that you have to clean it in the first place? I know that you might feel frustrated because you have to add another cleaning chore to your list but don’t worry too much – it’s super easy and it won’t waste too much of your time!

If I have to be completely honest, I learned that I have to clean my iron just a few months ago so I still haven’t made it a habit but I am working on it. One of the reasons why we all need to clean our irons is their long lifespan. If your iron is clean and you take proper care of it it will work properly, therefore, its lifespan will be long and it won’t break. This is very important if you don’t want to waste money on buying new iron’s every couple of month.

In the past, I could never really understand why they broke so often but now I get it – I wasn’t cleaning them.

So How Can You Clean Your Iron?

Start off with sprinkling salt on a sheet of paper. Then turn on your iron and run it over the salt. Any stains will be removed. That way your clothes will be stain-free (from using a dirty iron) and your iron will be… clean.

Repeat these steps a few times then turn the iron off and let it cool down completely.

Then I like to clean the steam holes. I usually dip a cotton swab in vinegar then rub the holes with it.

Then I continue with dipping a cloth in vinegar and wiping the iron plate with it. This is the last thing I do when cleaning my iron. Next, in order to make sure the vinegar is removed, I turn on my iron and run it on an old rag or an old t-shirt.