How To Easily Clean Your Window Screens?

I am certain that you have already figured out how to properly clean your windows so they are nice and spotless – without smudges, stains, or streaks. But how about the window screens? Have you paid attention to them recently? Well, no matter how dirty they are – I am going to teach you how to clean them easily today.

In general, this is one of those cleaning chores that needs to be done every few months and thankfully, it’s not a chore that you need to worry about every week.

How To Easily Clean Your Window Screens?

Of course, the easiest way to clean them is to remove them first then take them outside in your driveway. That way you will avoid any mess in your home since cleaning window screens is indeed a messy process.

Now that you have taken them outside, it’s time you grab a bucket where you are going to mix water and liquid dish soap. This will be our cleaner – simple soapy water!

Then you need a water hose so you can wet the screens. If you don’t have a hose then you can also fill a bucket with water that you are going to pour on the screens.

But if you are using a hose – do not use a high-pressure nozzle nor should you use one of those pressure washers because that way you can damage and tear the screens. This is why I told you you could use a bucket when you don’t have the proper tools.

Next, you need to dip a soft brush in the soapy water so you can scrub them up and down. Take as long as necessary until all of the dirt is removed. Then rinse the screens with your hose or the bucket – and make sure you let them air dry before you put them back on the windows!