Tips for cleaning the hallway

Hallway Cleaning

By Cleaning Services London

Your big home cleaning day is towards its end. And you suddenly realize that you have forgotten to take care of the hallways. Instead of giving up and leaving today’s work for tomorrow, when you are going to postpone it once more, get to the hallway cleaning now. It is neither hard nor time-consuming, especially if you approach the task in a proper way.

Listed below are a number of tips and strategies that will definitely help you achieve that with no hassle and stress whatsoever.

  • If you have skirting boards, banisters and other decorative features on your walls, be advised that they are the place where most of the dust in your hallway gathers. So pay special attention to them when dusting.

  • Use a damp cloth to clean the dirt accumulated on your front door – both on the inside and the outside part, as well as the frame. Do a little research and see what detergent is suitable for the material your door is made of. Then, of course, use it. Do not forget the handles, doorknobs and the bell.

  • If you have pictures or photographs hanging on the walls of your hallway, do not forget to clean their frames.

  • Cobwebs are most likely abundant in every corner of the hallway, so go around them and remove any webs that might possibly be there.

  • Most of the dirt that enters your home from the outside comes from the shoes you and the members of your family wear. So it would be more than logical to spend ten to fifteen minutes carefully cleaning the drawers where your shoes stay when taken off.

  • Hallway CleaningIf your hallway is uncarpeted, sweep or vacuum it, then mop it using some nice cleaning product to bring back the shine of the wood/stone.

  • If you have carpets, look around for any stains. If there are, take them off using either a white vinegar with water solution, or a commercially sold cleaning product of your choice. Then proceed to thoroughly vacuum both the carpet and the doormat. If you have a steam carpet cleaning machine at home (the smaller ones became quite popular with households throughout the country in recent years) threat your carpet with it. It will refresh the way it looks and preserve it clean for a longer period of time.

See? It was easy, wasn’t it?